About us


How does ITA help you?

ITA is the business standards company that helps organizations make excellence a habit – all over the world. Our business is enabling others to perform better.

Our experts train numerous managers and employees yearly both in the public and private sector, providing them with different managerial skills essential for effective organizational performance. With its wide range of over 350 training programs, the Group has proven its leadership and achieved a customer satisfaction rate of more than 99% (Indicator audited by third party).

We proactively design, develop and deliver training courses in accordance with but not limited to the nine organizational components incorporated in its 9-5-4 Management Guide. In addition to its weekly public training courses, we also organize customized in-house courses for its clients.

Our training & capacity building programs are developed and implemented according to the below 5 main activities:

  1. Analyzes competency gaps in the organization (CGA);
  2. Assesses training needs (ATN);
  3. Designs & develops the training program (TPD);
  4. Conducts the training program (CTP); and
  5. Evaluates & reports the performance of each participant (EPP).


We’re with you at every step

Our services are designed to align with the steps individual clients need to take to understand what is best practice, how to achieve it and ensure that it remains an ongoing habit. 

Leaders in the field

ITA works with business experts, government bodies, trade associations and consumer groups to capture best practice and structure the knowledge all organizations need to succeed